Jacob Lundblad



Born 1978. Employed 2004. In current position since 2017.


Degree of Master in Business Administration, Degree of Bachelor of Business Law, School of Economics and Management, Lund University.


Board member and CEO of Nordax Sverige 5 AB (publ), Nordax Sweden Mortgages 1 AB and NOBA Finland 1 AB (publ). Chairman of the board of Svensk Hypotekspension AB, Svensk Hypotekspension Fond 2 AB, Svensk Hypotekspension Fond 3 AB (publ), Svensk Hypotekspension Fond 4 AB (publ) and Svensk Hypotekspension 5 AB (publ). Board member of NOBA Sverige AB. CEO of NOBA Bank Group AB (publ), NOBA Holding AB (publ) and NOBA Group AB (publ).

NOBA Bank Group AB (publ)
Gävlegatan 22
113 30 Stockholm

Org.nr 556647-7286
Registered Office: Stockholm

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