This is NOBA

We are a bank of banks.
A bank bank. A group of vertical financial offerings with a single mission – to enable healthy finances for more people. We call this powerful combination of skill, scale and diverse offerings aggregated verticals.


The Nordax Bank Brand

The bank for the new normal.
Offering savings accounts, loans and mortgages. Nordax Bank helps people make informed decisions for a lifestyle they can afford.


The Branch Bank Norwegian

A digital front runner.
With a strong customer-centric and transparent product offering that helps everyday people manage and balance their economy.

Svensk Hypotekspension

Leading equity release provider.
A leading provider of equity release (reverse mortgages).
Svensk Hypotekspension contributes to a valuable and meaningful life for seniors.



We strongly believe that grouping vertical offerings is not only required to meet a wider target audience today, but also necessary to meet their needs tomorrow. As a group we are also able to create economies of skills and scale. This results in fine-tuned financial offerings, tailored to a variety of needs and expectations.


Customer-centric brands enabling us to reach a wide target audience

Economies of scale are critical in any industry and enable competitive and sustainable pricing for our customers.

Economies of skills enrich, enhance and cross-fertilize knowhow over different customer offerings.


NOBA Bank Group AB (publ)
Gävlegatan 22
113 30 Stockholm 556647-7286
Registered Office: Stockholm

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