”To succeed, sustainability needs to be a natural and integral part of the business”.

Jacob Lundblad, CEO

Financial health for more people

We strive to enable financial health of more people – customers, shareholders and society at large. In practice that means that we offer mortgages regardless of the applicant’s type of employment. We gather smaller loans into one to lower the monthly payment. We provide flexibility and balance through one of the most popular credit cards in the Nordics. And we make sure +60 group can keep living in their home longer.


Strategic focus areas

For us it is about to walk the talk and acting responsible for customers, owners, the company and the society at large.

We have identified as part of the materiality analysis that the following issues will have the most impact, from an external and internal perspective.

External impact

Financial health for customers and society as a whole

• Responsible lending
• Customer communication
• Privacy

Sustainable operations
• Inclusion, diversity and equality
• Wellbeing in the workplace
• Good corporate governance, incl. AML
• Reduce the business’ climate impact

Internal impact

Financial health for

• Product portfolio and customer channels
• Long-term stable business

Sustainable operations
• Good corporate governance, incl. AML
• Attractive employer with good leaders
• IT and cybersecurity


Financial health at NOBA

2022 was the year in which we further intensified our sustainability work and added many new important building blocks to enable us to fully realize the great potential to make a difference which lies within our new combined company.

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UN Global Compact & Policies

Explore how we contribute to the Global Compact's ten principles and the policies governing our sustainability work.

The Healthonomics Report 2023

The Healthonomics Report represents a step towards understanding how our financial situation affects our health.


Transparency Act (Åpenhetsloven)

Check out our due diligence in regards to the Transparency Act.


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