Corporate governance



NOBAs management team consists of people with extensive experience in our field. There is a genuine commitment in the management team to the company's mission and future.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the organization and management of NOBA and has the overall responsibility for the governance and control of NOBA


General meetings

At the general meetings, the shareholders exercise their voting rights in key corporate matters, such as the approval of income statement, the disposition of profits or losses, the discharge of liability for the Board of Directors and the election of Board members and Auditor.

Ownership structure

The NOBA Group is controlled by Nordic Capital Fund IX, Nordic Capital Fund VIII and Sampo Oyj.



Deloitte AB are appointed auditor since 2018. Malin Lüning, born 1980, is the Auditor-in-Charge and is a Chartered Accountant.

Deloitte AB
Rehnsgatan 11
SE-113 79 Stockholm
Phone +46 75 246 20 00


NOBAs remuneration principles are set out in NOBAs remuneration policy, which has been drawn up based on the Swedish Banking and Financing Business Act (SFS 2004:297) and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's regulations (FFFS 2011:1).

Three line of defence

In order to achieve a robust governance, internal control and risk management framework, NOBA has adopted the three lines of defence model. The three lines of defence model is the primary means to structure roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for decision-making and risk management.


Corporate Governance Reports

Following the link below you will find the historical Corporate Governance Reports and Auditors Reports which are now part of the Annual Reports.


NOBA Bank Group AB (publ)
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Registered Office: Stockholm

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